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Energize. Focus. Hydrate. Rejuvenate.
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Traditional Matcha Meets Modern Life
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Tatsu Tea: The Healthy Energy Drink Mix

Tatsu Tea offers a modern spin on traditional Japanese matcha green tea. Our matcha green tea packets are perfect for anyone who needs an extra boost. Matcha green tea is an all-natural alternative to energy drinks, with tons of nutritional benefits. Unlike other traditional Japanese matcha green tea, Tatsu Tea’s matcha is a blend of finely grown matcha and electrolytes. This healthy energy drink mix is the only matcha on the market to infuse electrolytes into its recipe and supply ample vitamins and minerals to its drinkers. 


And not only that, but while matcha green tea is usually served hot, Tatsu Tea is served refreshingly ice cold. With our convenient Matcha Go-packets, Simply add cold water to our matcha green tea powder and you’re good to go!

High-Antioxidant Japanese Matcha Tea plus Vitamins, Minerals & Electrolytes

Matcha Go Tea

Steve Maxwell, international fitness coach, physical educator, & 6th degree blackbelt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu recommends Tatsu Tea

A Quick History on Matcha

The consumption of matcha dates back to the early dynasties of China. From the 10th to the 13th century, the Song Dynasty ruled China. During this period, Eisia, a Japanese Buddhist monk, visited China and learned their way of preparing powdered green tea. Their process required cooking and crushing the leaves to create a powder and then mixing it with water. 


After returning to Japan, the green tea seeds Eisia took from China were recognized as the highest quality tea leaves. The method of preparing the tea was praised as well. The Zen Buddhists of Japan were quick to formulate a new way of growing matcha. Their approach used large amounts of shade, which would amplify the nutritional benefits of matcha. Less exposure to sunlight increases the amount of chlorophyll within the plant, giving the tea its vibrant green color. It also enhances the flavor and health benefits of the drink.

First to Blend Matcha With Electrolytes

Tatsu Tea matcha is superior to conventional matcha green tea. Our products provide all of the standard health benefits of matcha green tea. Not only does it include caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, which improves cognitive function, but Tatsu Tea matcha has electrolytes in its formula as well. Electrolytes aid in helping muscles contract, regulating blood pressure, and correcting the acidity of a person’s blood. Electrolyte-enhanced beverages rehydrate an individual while offering them a kick of energy. 


Instead of consuming harmful energy drinks packed with caffeine and sugar, try Tatsu Tea’s healthy energy drink mix. Not only is it completely natural and delicious, but it offers the same efficiency as an energy drink. Fuel your body with a natural energy source and invest in Tatsu Tea’s matcha green tea powder available online today.

Who is Tatsu Tea Matcha For?

Tatsu Tea’s healthy energy drink mix is beneficial for any active individual looking to boost their energy and overall health. Matcha is packed with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that support the body in cognitive function, rehydration, and energy levels. Matcha is perfect for athletes or individuals in the military who need to be at peak performance levels all the time. It’s beneficial for active individuals, as well as people looking for a refresher. Whether you are a frequent traveler who suffers from jet lag, an athlete, a weekend warrior, or a college student susceptible to hangovers, Tatsu Tea’s healthy energy drink mix can benefit you.

Just Add Water

Tatsu Tea’s Japanese matcha green tea only requires water! Our powder matcha is conveniently available in packets, meaning you can make your drink anywhere. This all-natural alternative to energy drinks is quick and easy and excellent for individuals who are always on the go. Tatsu Tea can also be mixed with lemon water to create a zesty drink packed with antioxidants. If you would like to give matcha a taste, browse our online matcha green tea powder packet options today!