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Tatsu Tea for Athletes

Tatsu Tea contains a perfect blend of delicious matcha tea powder and essential electrolytes, providing replenishment and energy for today's modern warriors, including athletes. Initially created as a refreshing way to help alleviate symptoms associated with jet lag, this vitamin-packed beverage has quickly become popular with high-performing individuals.

By keeping electrolytes at the proper level, athletes can ensure that their bodies absorb and use whatever fluids they take. This aids vital organs in functioning correctly and helps you get the most out of every single workout. Let’s take a look at how you can take advantage and harness the power of Tatsu Tea.

Three Signs That Your Workouts Could Benefit From Consuming Tatsu Tea

You Exercise for Over an Hour

If you exercise for more than an hour, especially if the exercise is high intensity, a drink that contains electrolytes is necessary. Before refueling with a sports drink, bear in mind that these beverages are low in sodium levels. For this reason, a beverage packed with electrolytes, such as Tatsu Tea, is highly recommended for optimum performance.

You Sweat Excessively

Some of us sweat more than others, even if we ‘re performing the same type of workout. Research suggests that larger athletes can sweat more and lose more sodium than their smaller teammates. If you attend exercise classes regularly and are often sweatier than your classmates, it's recommended that you top up on sodium which can be found in beverages that contain additional electrolytes, like Tatsu Tea. For excessive sweaters, water may not be enough to keep you properly hydrated during heavy exercise.

You Feel Physical Symptoms

It's essential to listen to our bodies and look out for signals that they send us to tell us that we are dehydrated. When electrolyte levels drop, the body will produce warning signs beyond a feeling of thirst. Muscle cramps, fatigue, nausea, and headaches can all point to dehydration. All of these symptoms warrant increased electrolyte intake. Remember, consuming too much water can cause hyponatremia, so as you increase your fluid intake, you also need to heighten your electrolyte intake as well.

For more information, or to place an order for Tatsu Tea, contact us today.

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