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Tatsu Tea Lemonade 


  • 1 packet of Tatsu Tea 

  • 4 Tsp of Organic Cane Sugar 

  • 1 Large Organic Lemon Juiced Fresh ( ¼ cup of Lemon Juice ) 

  • 2 Cups of spring water 

  • ½ Cup of Ice


Heat 1 ½ cup of water to 180°. Once heated mix/ whisk/stir, in Tatsu Tea, Cane Sugar & Lemon Juice until fully incorporated. Add remaining ½ cup of water to the mixture. Fill a large glass with Ice and pour over. Add straw and lemon wedges if desired to enjoy this delightful, refreshing, energizing & tasty summer drink.

Created by: Chef Ryan Patrick

Tatsu Tea Ice Tea 


  1. 1 packet of Tatsu Tea shaken in 16oz of water or more

  2. Fill pitcher with Tatsu Tea and add more water and ice to fill

  3. Finish with lemon slices and fresh mint

Tatsu Tea with Almond Milk 


  1. 1 packet of Tatsu Tea shaken in 12oz of water and add half a cup of unsweetened almond milk 

  2. Pour over ice and enjoy